Functional Areas

Our team and partners have over two decades track record working in the international sport events industry.
The unique structure of our team, consisting of a selected pool of professionals bringing together their international experience and knowledge, places FIVE in a favourable position of supporting Organising Committees, government bodies, event agencies and brands in delivering events across a vast spectrum of locations and venues.
In this section, divided by Functional Areas, we will describe some key operations we plan, manage and deliver.


  • Prepare applications for accreditation for all required client groups
  • Procure accreditation equipment
  • Assist in designating logical access zones and access control points in a cooperative effort with Venue Management and Security
  • Produce and distribute accreditation guides to help educate accreditees about card elements and usage
  • Produce accreditation cards for all required client groups


  • Creation of Opening, Closing and Victory Ceremonies plans
  • Develop the creative concept for Opening, Closing and Victory Ceremonies
  • Monitor and contribute to production and audio/visual plans
  • Monitor selection, training, scheduling talent, cast and performers
  • Develop the production plan and process for all Ceremonies


  • Develop Graphic Standards Manual and usage guidelines to ensure consistency and design ‘integrity’
  • Develop and communicate a brand application approval process for licensees and marketing partners
  • Oversee and enforce brand application
  • Coordinate the production of Look elements (e.g. entry portals, banners, signs, competition elements, fence fabric, etc.)
  • Provide graphic design services for all Functional Areas and oversee design policies and procedures


(Catering, Cleaning and Waste)

  • Develop catering service plans (diversity of food and creation of nutritional guidelines for all client groups)
  • Manage the cleaning of venues, offices, villages and public spaces
  • Source and help engaging local catering service providers; check and monitor required permits
  • Plan and deliver waste management/recycling and custodial services


  • Manage room allocation in hotels and villages for all client groups
  • Create, manage and oversee contracts with hotels and local accommodation businesses
  • Negotiate terms and pricing for all client groups’ accommodations
  • Manage relationships with hotels prior to and during the event, including briefing/training applicable hotel staff

Security integration

  • Establish liaison relationships with a wide range of national, regional and local law enforcement and other public safety agencies (e.g. fire), across multiple jurisdictions
  • Help determining security requirements for all Functional Areas and venue teams, and key external partners
  • Develop and oversee background check process for individuals that are part of accredited client groups
  • Establish and participate in public safety/security working groups
  • Monitor planning, sourcing, training and management of security and safety personnel

Workforce & Volunteers

  • Develop workforce recruitment strategy/plan, including paid and volunteer workforce sourcing options (e.g. corporate programmes, loaned execs, interns, students, staffing agencies) and recruitment guidelines for all Funcitonal Areas
  • Develop training concept/strategy for all paid and volunteer workforce
  • Creation of Welfare Policies respecting local and international regulations


  • Define protocol service levels, liaise with institutional protocol departments and provide protocol advice for Ceremonies, Torch Relay & other events
  • Invite, liaise with and host dignitaries/special guests
  • Flag Management of all venues and events
  • Plan meet/greet and departure services at official ports of entry/exit (visas, immigration entry plans) and transport
  • Source, engage and manage professional language services suppliers


  • Plan and manage transport plans for all client groups
  • Manage bus depot operations and staging/holding areas, including maintenance of buses, cleaning, refueling and management and creation of transport schedules
  • Plan and manage scheduled and on-demand fleet transportation services
  • Oversee fleet driver recruitment, training and scheduling
  • Develop and implement a Vehicle Access and Parking Permit (VAPP) system
  • Coordinate and manage Bus, Fleet, Parking and Traffic Management plans/systems and interface with Public transport authorities


  • Determine Marketing Partner rights and assets inventory
  • Determine Marketing Partner categories and exclusivity strategy
  • Develop Marketing Partner sales materials
  • Identify and target Marketing Partner firms; secure sponsorship and related revenues
  • Align and adjust Organizing Committee rights/assets inventory to match Marketing Partner needs/strategies; create cross-marketing value

Media operations

  • Develop sales process and Host Broadcaster Rights tender
  • Select and engage a Host Broadcaster
  • Develop broadcast production plans for all sports
  • Plan and manage venue media facilities, services and staff for all competition venues andnon-competition venues (Main Press Centre, Athletes’ Village etc.)
  • Plan and produce content for the media using the event content system management
  • Work closely with Technology and Tech providers to ensure timely provision of results to media

Venue management

  • Develop specific venue operations plans for all competition venues
  • Conduct client group ‘talkthroughs’ to determine if reqs are well-planned by all Functional Areas
  • Ensure Functional Areas operations are well-designed/integrated with all event requirements
  • Customize the generic Venue Team organizational structure for each competition venue
  • Plan and manage crowd flows
  • Help planning and conducting venue readiness exercises


(Communication, Coordination, Control and Integration)

  • Develop and refine Master plans, defining activities and services to be conducted and share responsibilities with relevant Functional Areas
  • Develop and manage Master schedules; track and report tasks, activities and milestones progress
  • Work closely with Venue Management and applicable FAs to determine the process and timing of key central planning
  • Develop cross-functional integrated planning process
  • Develop and conduct exercises to ensure Functional Areas and venue team integration and operational readiness


  • Develop sport venue briefs
  • Develop and update the competition schedule in accordance with Federations’ regulations and broadcasting requirements
  • Liaise with Technology regarding the design of Timing & Scoring and On-Venue Results systems and operations
  • Provide content for the Sport Technical Manuals
  • Manage the homologation of fields-of-play in accordance with International Federations (IFs) and ensure all design/technical requirements are met

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